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10th House in Kundli

What is the 10th house horoscope? The tenth house is one of the most important houses it shows the carrier’s father’s occupation it’s a bath of your karma what u will do what will be your carrier it’s a house of action position status etc if you like it a little more this house deal with our apparent ego. All of us are Born with certain dreams and aspirations and in our lifetime we make obvious efforts to achieve them. The scheme of the cosmesis observes then where the 9 house destiny and actions begin. In astrological terminology, This is house is also known as mid-heaven. This house enables a person to reach the Pinnacle of his Glory if one can make the best of use of one ego or force. All of us have a fair chance to prove ourselves at sometimes or the other in life if one cultivates oneself with determination then nothing appears impossible when we write the kind of upward and with proper timings one can live one dream and aspirations in the single birth only. This is the most important house in the horoscope after 7 th house marriage 10 th house is the carrier maximum consultation are regarding this two house.

For example, scorpion 10 house is govern by Leo which is the sun so we have to see the position of the sun in the Janam kundali.

For example scorpion 10 house is govern by Leo that is sun so we have to see the position of sun in the janam kundali.

Heading prediction came true regarding share market. As in January February I predicted that market will come around 50000 and it will going to reach 60000 so today was the date when market has touched or it is crossed 60000 as in numerology works very accurately.

Fundamentals of 10th House in Kundli

Vedic name of 10th House: Karma Bhava
Natural Ruling Planet and Sign: Saturn and Capricorn
Body parts associated: Knee and thighs
People of 10th House: Your boss, leaders, powerful persons, those with authority such as your father
Activities in 10th House: Doing your duty, leading, assigning tasks to others, meeting your obligations, enduring public discord

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